Magic Tricks Revealed

We received real good feedback from fellow MagicOpen readers and magicians enthusiasts over the last week

“big up yall foo’z out there representin’ the OpenMagic spirit” –Brad Christian

AWESOME COMMENTS made it our way, we always like receiving some magical motivation that helps us keep up with the good magic video tutorials we find here and there then attempt explain/reveal easily in our post articles for other people interested in learning different of magic (cards, coins, street, illusions, etc.).

A few readers suggested a better navigation for the OpenMagic video tutorials we try to index and classify accurately using a custom voodoo incantation that gets the stuff done before we know it :-D … But seriously, here’s the good stuff and some tips for anyone new to on how to digest our Open Magic Informations:


That’s as simple as it gets: find what you want, look for it in the magic tricks sections. If that doesn’t cut it….

Use the SITEMAP!

  1. Prepare to be flooded by dozens of magic trick video tutorials
  2. Hit
  3. Press CTRL+f to launch your web browser’s find function
  4. Type what you’re looking for, watch and learn
  5. Bookmark or subscribe
  6. See you Later!

If it’s not there it’s time to express yourself with style to pick up on magic for you visit the OpenMagic ! And Tell us.

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Magic Tricks Revealed