Cyril Takayama’s Cigarette Sleight of Hand Performance

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A performance by no other than Cyril Takayama, a solid magician I have discovered on the internet years ago. This performance is old! It was published on Youtube over 5 years ago but its content will never age.

Cyril has developed an amazing dexterity and gets down with it in series of sleight of hand, who become more and more unreal as we approach the finale.

He is without a doubt an accomplished performer that deserves to be studied by wannabe magicians.


Classy Street Magic Duo Card Trick

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Here’s a very nice video tutorial demonstrating and revealing a simple card trick that requires a duo (two participants). This trick’s simplicity makes it very clever and without adding to the complexity of its execution, I can tell it will stun a lot of people when performed properly! It’s an easy to perform but impressive to see; beginners, this one is also good for you to master!

Here’s for the explanation of this trick… Requires a deck of card, two hands, and a bit of a brain.

  1. Super simple; begin by shuffling the deck and follow with a subtle look at the bottom card of the deck.
  2. Split the deck in two and proceed to first card selection
  3. First card selection; cut one of the two parts of the deck and ask someone to pick a card
  4. Second card selection; ask the other person to cut the other half of the deck and select a card
  5. Make sure they both place back the selected cards on their respective half of deck of cards
  6. Place the half of the deck you know the last card (from peeking at it after the original shuffle) of, on top of the other half of the deck

At this point watch the video to learn how to add some false cuts sleight of hand to add to the magic of this trick. And at this point, as if you didn’t already know, you should have one of the selected cards next to the card that was originally at the bottom of the deck and the other one on top of the deck. After following the instructor’s advice for this, your audience will be amazed!

We documented a few false cuts that can be substituted in this performance. If you’re interested to take it to another level, we suggest you look into the Giant False Cut or for more advanced card magic experts, and a classic at that, Hoffman’s Invisible Pass.

Now get your deck of cards and enjoy the video!

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I would like to give credits to the authors of this tutorial, from the video description they link to Now I would recommend consuming Magic Open’s revealed magic tricks before buying any of their product, I like their video and all but information is best served free and between magicians, it’s not information that’s missing in 2012!

Peace out!

Perfect Your Stage Presence

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If you’re keen to become a magician, you will not only need to know your craft in terms of the tricks which you are able to perform, but you will also want to think about how you can perfect your stage presence. Some of the world’s most successful musicians are as famous for their stage personality as they are for their illusions, so it can be well worth taking the time to master this skill. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

More often than not, having a certain amount of stage presence and charisma can help make your tricks all the more effective. Audiences are less likely to be watching for your sleight of hand if they are all busy laughing at your jokes, for example. Using playing cards as a magician is not like using them to play online games at sites like, and the last thing you’ll want is a poker face. Engage with your audience as much as possible – you don’t necessarily have to be funny, but you should always try to be entertaining.

Although being a magician does require a great deal of skill, you will need to remember that you are also a performer. If you are naturally shy or lack confidence, then you might find that it is easier to give yourself a completely different stage persona. Why not try out your stage persona on family and friends, just like you might with your tricks, in order to make sure that you get it just right? You will want your audience to have the confidence in you that you will be able to get each trick right every time, otherwise your performance will not be as enjoyable for them to watch. These are just a few of the reasons why perfecting your stage presence is often just as important as perfecting the tricks themselves.

Check it out for yourself: YouTube Preview Image

Choked: Another Criss Angel Trick Revealed

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It’s always great to have access to the world’s information with the Internet. Could you believe what would’ve happened to someone performing a trick like that 200 years ago? ;-)

Burn him alive!!

It is a very good trick and a great one anyone can do with minimum practice. This video teaches you how to go through the performance but there are a few things you can improve. Most importantly try not to bend your neck to put your head down for so long, or make sure your face remains visible to your audience. It’s also left aside but very important to have another clean rope handy to let people manipulate it after you’ve choked yourself with it!

YouTube Preview Image

I would like take this opportunity to ask my readers what they would like to see added to MagicOpen. Do you guys need specific magic tricks revealed? Would you want more performance enhancers tutorials? What kind of information would be really awesome for you to put your hands on?

Good luck and be careful with the rope!

Criss Angel Bloopers or “Orange Juice to Bird Revealed”

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Here’s a cool criss angel blooper I thought. It’s also one of it’s secret revealed but it’s just not good enough to advertise it as such.

If you watch at the beginning of the video there’s a cut where a bottle of orange juice appears in the second scene. And that’s what he’s using to fill his prop glass. It’s has a dump front in the middle making it so that you can only see one side or the other depending on which side you look at.

YouTube Preview Image

You have to give credit to the video author who makes a good comparison with a magic kit for kids at the end of the video.

Hope you had a good laugh too!

Top Color Change

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For a great visual effect, a sleigh-of-hand that’s a color change, the top color change is one of the killer moves in the ambitious card routine. It’s almost a card magic trick in itself but it’s best combined with other moves to create a great performance.

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The idea is simple, you flip the card on top of the deck so it’s face up and cover it with a face down card. Now you’re free to create the illusion at any moment when you cover the card with your hand.

I hope you enjoy this one, it’s definitively worth being in your card magic arsenal!

Have fun!

Mindfreak Star Criss Angel Destroys Self Proclaimed Psychic’s Reputation On T.V.

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Watch Criss Angel dismantling this self proclaimed psychic who has nothing special except some guts to claim he can do better than mindfreak tricks invented and kept secret by Chris Angel! This dude joined NBC’s show, Phenomenon, in which Criss Angel the famous Illusionist is part of the jury. He hummiliated this guy after he presented an act of mindreading, an act of illusion but not as good as criss’s own tricks revealed on this site x-D. Are Psychic powers real? Do Criss believe They are? Watch this video to find out the answer…

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The commercials for the show give that impression, to be sure – visit the show’s website if you don’t believe me. Co-hosting with famous mentalist Uri Gellar, whose “powers” can be precisely duplicated by stage magic tricks, only made things worse. Had Criss Angel allied with the dark side of magic tricks and illusionist highest secrets ?

I’m posting this because it’s even better than posts revealing how criss performs his mindfreak tricks.

This is Pure Entertainment. Hah!

Update: 2010-02-27

You want to know what was in the envelope, and if Uri Geller can find out what is inside it?

YouTube Preview Image


Giant False Cut

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This cut is a derivative of the one handed cut so you will know how to do this basic sleight of hand prior to learning this one.

YouTube Preview Image

You have to hold the deck in the mechanics grip then with your index finger you lift the deck to make the Giant False Cut.

We recommend you practice with smaller cards like a bridge deck if you have difficulties landing this move.


Hoffman’s Invisible Pass

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Welcome to this card-magic video tutorial on the invisible pass! This is without a doubt a beautiful and elegant sleight of hand and only requires a bit of dexterity.

YouTube Preview Image

What is great about this classic pass variation is that you can perform it while your spectators keep looking at the top of the deck… or so it seems!

You can always consult the entire list of all card-magic tricks here. The list includes other variations of the invisible pass.