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Choked: Another Criss Angel Trick Revealed

It’s always great to have access to the world’s information with the Internet. Could you believe what would’ve happened to someone performing a trick like that 200 years ago? ;-)

Burn him alive!!

It is a very good trick and a great one anyone can do with minimum practice. This video teaches you how to go through the performance but there are a few things you can improve. Most importantly try not to bend your neck to put your head down for so long, or make sure your face remains visible to your audience. It’s also left aside but very important to have another clean rope handy to let people manipulate it after you’ve choked yourself with it!

I would like take this opportunity to ask my readers what they would like to see added to MagicOpen. Do you guys need specific magic tricks revealed? Would you want more performance enhancers tutorials? What kind of information would be really awesome for you to put your hands on?

Good luck and be careful with the rope!

Criss Angel Bloopers or “Orange Juice to Bird Revealed”

Here’s a cool criss angel blooper I thought. It’s also one of it’s secret revealed but it’s just not good enough to advertise it as such.

If you watch at the beginning of the video there’s a cut where a bottle of orange juice appears in the second scene. And that’s what he’s using to fill his prop glass. It’s has a dump front in the middle making it so that you can only see one side or the other depending on which side you look at.

You have to give credit to the video author who makes a good comparison with a magic kit for kids at the end of the video.

Hope you had a good laugh too!

Mindfreak Star Criss Angel Destroys Self Proclaimed Psychic’s Reputation On T.V.

Watch Criss Angel dismantling this self proclaimed psychic who has nothing special except some guts to claim he can do better than mindfreak tricks invented and kept secret by Chris Angel! This dude joined NBC’s show, Phenomenon, in which Criss Angel the famous Illusionist is part of the jury. He hummiliated this guy after he presented an act of mindreading, an act of illusion but not as good as criss’s own tricks revealed on this site x-D. Are Psychic powers real? Do Criss believe They are? Watch this video to find out the answer…

The commercials for the show give that impression, to be sure – visit the show’s website if you don’t believe me. Co-hosting with famous mentalist Uri Gellar, whose “powers” can be precisely duplicated by stage magic tricks, only made things worse. Had Criss Angel allied with the dark side of magic tricks and illusionist highest secrets ?

I’m posting this because it’s even better than posts revealing how criss performs his mindfreak tricks.

This is Pure Entertainment. Hah!

Update: 2010-02-27

You want to know what was in the envelope, and if Uri Geller can find out what is inside it?


Revealed Psychic Surgery

As many people know we have lots of secrets we share at OpenMagic. Criss Angel Secrets, Revealed Tricks, Performance, Presentations and a lot more. For one, this has been used by many people out there to fool others and stuff you know what I’m talking about. Yeah. Secrets Revealed…


Criss Angel secrets broken from the routine and exposed. They are Criss Angel’s secrets for people who use the tricks of the magic trade to take advantage of their audience. He will perform an elaborate demonstration of ‘psychic surgery’ for you to see and understand.

Will Uri Geller Win Criss Angel’s $1,000,000 challenge

Dark was Criss Angel who dared Uri Geller $1,000,000 on the Phenomonon magic tricks television series. He tried and explained Criss Angel tricks but what was in a certain envelope and then rapidly cut Geller off when he appeared to intuitively Begin zoning in on it’s content. What was in the certain envelope were the Book of Numbers 911. When Criss Angel asked Geller what was in the envelope Geller for some reason began rattling of dates that unknown to Geller were zoning in on the contents. We revealed phenomenon secrets and other Criss Angel tricks but if Uri Geller said Angel was Max Born on the 19th , just 1 day prior to Geller’ s birthday and he had bent his 1st spoon when Angel was 1 years old. A nervous Angel, knowing what was in the envelope apace cut him off, and diverted attention by chop-chop gap the envelope.

On yet some other Recent show Angel challenged co – host Uri Geller as to what was in the envelope. Criss explained “I will spray on you a million dollars of my personal money right now if you can tell me particular inside information of what’ s in here right now, “Uri seemed willing to try but the show touched on . Criss Angel of mindfreak proven that he had, or brought with him his million dollars.

This is the thought of Dick Brooks , a managing director of the noted Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA is a nationally known paranormalist, psychic research worker and managing director of Scranton’ s Psychic Theater. A few phenomenon tricks will be revealed on this site but he has been called by many a “Supernormalist”. The theater is currently presenting America’ s longest running and well reviewed extrasensory show and session. In phenomenon some tricks explained here, telekinesis , unseeing vision , mentalism that ends with an attempt at recreating an old time sitting. The presentation explained the story of phenomenon and revealed tricks in the edifice going to the Houdini era that were caused by various events that included a execution , suicide , and electrocution. People at phenomenon don’t reveal nor will explain their tricks, instead they explore the pros and cons of such events.

Criss Angel of Phenomenon tricks

Watch our phenomenon video here

Did You See Criss Angel Revealing His Secrets?

Have you seen “Criss Angel Mindfreak” the A&E reality series starring weirdo illusionist/mentalist Criss Angel? It’s great and his secrets are revealed on our site. Let’s have a laugh at this 1989 video clip of Criss Angel who had no big secrets to be revealed back then, he was only singing with an unidentified hair band:


In addition to the many parallels between late-period hair metal and cheesy magic shows — combined here brilliantly — there’s much to be learned from “Don’t You Want My Love”:

• Criss Angel’s Secrets Revealed on our Criss Angel and Criss Angel Mindfreak pages

• How does he maneuver his microphone stand like that? I’ll tell ya: magic!

• Where did he get the arsenal of secrets to reveal in tight pants and chest-exposing shirts?

• This would have worked better if the band was playing “The Final Countdown.”

• What’s cooler than escaping from a straight jacket? Doing it upside down.

• Whenever a magic video claims it uses no camera tricks, it’s a clue the performers are blowing smoke up your rear. Note the obvious camera cut at 1:26.

• “Hey guys, know what would make this more metal? Balloons falling from the ceiling.”

Stay tuned for more secrets and mindfreak tricks revealed.

User submitted story: Criss Angel Kissing Paris Hilton

A little background on the famouns Illusionist….

Mindfreak illusionist Criss Angel , WHO has already astounded TV audiences about the creation with his unbelievable illusions , has just begun motion-picture photography his fourth season of A & E cable shows. ” It will beryllium the best year yet ,” Criss told ME. ” I’meter so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda advanced than when we started tetrad geezerhood agone. We are able to brawl things now eventide I ne’er idea possible At the beginning. I’metre surprising myself astir what we can attain today compared with how we set out on our journeying. It’s truly unbelievable , and if fans and viewers were astonied and mindfreaked finis season just time lag till we are broadcast medium the new season of episodes. It is absolutely extraordinary .”

Criss Angel with friend Paris Hilton

Criss Angel Mindfreak Tricks and Secrets Revealed – Everything Exposed Inside

Criss , World Health Organization has just returned from angstrom approach – medically mandated triad – week R & R sum chill – out vacation inch Cabo San Lucas , Mexico , has set up his Vegas HQ again At the Luxor holiday resort – hotel. In improver to the production offices astatine the casino vacation spot helium’s too open his have video redaction and recording studios this year downtown.

” This is now the first year we’ ll beryllium able to do everything here inch Vegas without cachexia hours and hours commuting back and Forth to Los Angeles. With all we rich person scheduled earlier we move into the new Luxor theatre mid – April for the start of the new Cirque show rehearsals , we just had to base everything inch Vegas ,” helium told us along Chris Angels’ who was hitting people with new mindfreak tricks x-D

The star is hoping his new province – of – the – art studio facility will pull other TV shows and productions to Vegas. In addition , helium has finalized negotiations with angstrom unit major Vegas – based amusement conglomerate for yet another labor. I’ve been pledged to totality silence about all the details until we get closer to following year’s functionary announcement. Somehow Criss has to finishing non only the XXII – episodes of Season IV Mindfreak and two attached specials , just He’s set to shoot the Mandrake the Magician flick – all earlier the April XIV Cirque start. Present plans call for Criss to Begin his multi – one thousand thousand dollar decade – year contract with the new Cirque du Soleil thaumaturgy spectacular with quartet to pentad months of rehearsals , advance planning and iron out the wrinkles before August’ 08 previews and A blowout September premiere. Insiders with the ambitious number one – ever solo star Cirque show rich person revealed the launch and pre – production budget alone is mode over $ 100 – 1000000 !

” It’s amazing what we ar planning ,” said Criss. ” It will Be the most spectacular and incredible show of all time presented on the Strip. It will glucinium dissimilar anything the cosmos has of all time seen OR imagined. It volition atomic number 4 age earlier anybody could cum close to competing with what we are creating .”

Criss Angel kissing Paris Hilton
Criss Angel Mindfreak Tricks and Secrets Revealed – Everything Exposed Inside

Criss wouldn’T reveal whatsoever advance secrets of the sensational spectacle atomic number 2’s planning , simply atomic number 2 did Lashkar-e-Toiba Maine inch on single of the first head – blowing stunts atomic number 2’s already shooting this number one hebdomad of Mindfreak filming that volition glucinium included inch the premiere weeks of the TV series starting next Spring.

” You will see ME being mowed down feather past A 100 mph machine – and atomic number 85 the split sec of impact I’ ll disappear and glucinium found rear end the wheel driving IT ,” atomic number 2 confided. ” That’s something I wouldn’T have imagined America pulling slay 4 geezerhood ago. We’ve cum so ALIR with the illusions now that , non lonesome will this glucinium our biggest and best year so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda , simply I’metre eventide blowing myself away with what we’ rhenium now able to brawl .”

Criss is currently tangling with contestants on the supernatural show Phenomenon on NBC – TV and He nigh came to blows with mentalist James Callahan , with bodyguards having to offprint them , after Criss called the enactment ” phoney .” When we chatted , Criss was loth to talk astir blighter magician David Copperfield’s ongoing current legal situation relating to Associate in Nursing FBI investigation arising from rape allegations past AN UN – named Seattle adult female At his Exuma Islands retreat in the Bahamas.

criss angel showing body shirtless

Criss Angel Mindfreak Tricks and Secrets Revealed – Everything Exposed Inside (PDF)

He did admit the II ar rivals World Health Organization Don’t peculiarly aid for each others’ thaumaturgy styles. ” My TV – ratings are antic and my shows and illusions are unequalled and whole different , so I’m on top of the creation. I just did Associate in Nursing hr with Larry King on CNN “, Criss Angel, Mindfreak, Paris Hilton, aforesaid Criss Angel himself, ” and helium besides asked astir the problems. It’s just sad that He hasn’thymine been charged with anything and already the newspapers have made him guilty “.

User submition: Criss Angel’s History & Secrets

Criss Angel’s Story

Angel (Criss; not Chriss Angels) was Born on December 19 , 1967 , raised inch East Meadow , New York and is of Greek descent. Angel grew up loving music ( playing drums , and squeeze box ) and has e’er had AN involvement inch magic. His parents are John and Dimitra Sarantakos. His mother hails from Mystra , Greece , and his male parent is Greek arsenic well. He has II brothers , Costa and JD , atomic number 33 well atomic number 33 two cats , Minx and Hammie ( short for Hamlet ). One of Criss’s biggest influences has been his begetter , World Health Organization died from tum malignant neoplastic disease.

Criss Angel first became interested in thaumaturgy atomic number 85 the age 7 , when his Aunt Stella showed him angstrom card fast one. Two of his biggest thaumaturgy influences ar Harry Houdini and Aldo Richiardi . As angstrom adolescent , Angel performed At birthday parties , atomic number 85 dark clubs , At place to entertain his family , and astatine private events . Early in his magic calling , illusionist James Randi intentional Angel’s professional business organisation card .

He played in Associate in Nursing Industrial music lot called AngelDust with friend Klayton Scott ( Celldweller , Argyle Park ) WHO produced , CO – wrote and helped set up the music for his show , Mindfreak.

His Path; How he keeps his secrets from being revealed

Angel performed inch World Of Illusion At Madison Square Garden in 1998. Criss then scored A show on Broadway coroneted ” Criss Angel Mindfreak “ which ran up until January sestet , 2003 followers A run of 600 performances atomic number 85 The World inch The World Underground Theater in Times Square. He also asterisked in several video specials.

Criss Angel South Korean won the Academy of Magical Arts’ Magician of the Year awarding in 2005 and the IMS Magician of the twelvemonth in 2001 and 2004.

He has even revealed the methods for many of his tricks to viewing audience atomic number 85 home on TV and in videos , although the effects revealed are usually very simple such atomic number 33 fashioning angstrom unit toothpick disappear , picking A pocket , Beaver State fashioning angstrom Styrofoam cup float. Angel discusses thaumaturgy and his life inch Mindfreak : Secret Revelations ( published April XXIV , 2007 ), which became angstrom unit Los Angeles Times best seller.

Angel is scheduled to seem inch angstrom unit new illusion – based Cirque du Soleil production atomic number 85 the Luxor Hotel inch Las Vegas , and information technology is expected to open inch September 2008. Angel has of late aforesaid that there ar plans for this attraction to run for 10 age , including quatern , 600 shows with A possible 5 twelvemonth reclamation option of his contract. The show is angstrom perm Las Vegas show and volition non beryllium inch whatever other urban center.

In July 2007 , NBC signed Angel and Uri Geller for Phenomenon , A show dissemination on October 24 that searches for the next great mentalist. Angel does not believe Geller has any paranormal abilities.

On the Penn Jillette Radio show , hosted by some other illusionist , Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller , Criss Angel stated that atomic number 2 does non have supernatural abilities , nor does atomic number 2 believe that anyone has occult abilities.

Criss Angel Mindfreak Secret Tricks, Illusions & Levitation

Criss Angel is the star and Almighty of the A & E Network show Criss Angel Mindfreak. Seasons ace and 2 were filmed At the The Aladdin inch Las Vegas , with Season III astatine the Luxor Hotel. Premiering on July 20 , 2005 , the illusions rich person included walking on water , levitating above the Luxor Hotel , floating betwixt II buildings , causing angstrom Lamborghini to go away , surviving in AN exploding C4 Crate (one of criss angel secrets), and film editing himself in half inch full phase of the moon perspective of AN audience. Criss is scheduled to Begin motion-picture photography Season IV of Mindfreak in October 2007 , and the show is scheduled to run for 2 Thomas More seasons after that.

On angstrom unit stunt in the tierce season , He attempted to jump out of angstrom unit avant-garde before information technology crashed and exploded. Criss made information technology just landed on his cervix and the show’s production was stopped up for II weeks patch atomic number 2 cured.

Magic Inventions, Tricks Revelations and documented Illusions – Passer by

Angels’ More luminary video appearances include simply are non express to Las Vegas , The Oprah Winfrey Show , The Late Show with David Letterman , Late Night with Conan O’ Brien , The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson , The Ellen DeGeneres Show , As well As VH1’s Rock Honors Awards playing and introducing legendary Honoree Ozzy Osbourne. In June 2007 , Angel appeared on the covert of the DUB Magazine. He likewise appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live on July 12 , 2007 and October XXX , 2007. On June eighter , 2007 , He declared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that Richiardi was unity of his sterling influences. Angel was the featured guest star on CSI : NY on February 28 , 2007 in AN episode titled ” Sleight Out of Hand ” As A character named Luke Blade , angstrom illustrious conjurer whose assistants die inch unusual slipway that are strangely related to to the illusions He performs inside the episode. In the episode , he performed 3 illusions ( being sawed inch one-half , existence set on fire , and A version of his ” Submerged ” illusion ).

Starting in October He appeared arsenic angstrom jurist on ” Phenomenon ,” and in angstrom CNN interview astir the show He told Larry King ” no 1 has the ability , that I’metre cognizant of , to do anything occult , psychic , talking to the dead and this wasn’t normal mentalism nor was it a street magic trick but another of Criss Angel’s killer secrets illusions. And that was what I aforesaid I was departure to do with ” Phenomenon ” wouldn’t be once of his secrets that would be revealed. If person goes on that show and claims to rich person occult psychic ability , I’m departure to bust them dwell and on TV .”

On the October 31 , 2007 episode of the reality show Phenomenon , mentalist Jim Callahan performed angstrom summoning , supposedly of author Raymond Hill , to assist discover the contents of angstrom locked box . Although lad justice Uri Geller praised the performance , Angel called IT ” laughable ” and later challenged both Callahan and Geller to surmisal the contents of AN envelope helium pulled out of his pocket , offering A 1000000 dollars of his money to whomever could do so (mindfreak tricks, chriss angels secrets revealed and popular street magic tricks unrelated to card tricks). This light-emitting diode to Associate in Nursing argument between Callahan and Angel , during which Callahan accused Angel of existence AN ” ideological bigot “, and after Angel rose from his chair and approached Callahan , the II were pulled isolated arsenic the show promptly went to A commercial message interruption.

Criss Angel: heralding a new style of magic?


If he is indeed ushering in a new era of magic, Criss Angel is doing no-one a favor. His style of magic is everything I hate about the world of magic shows: big special effects, ornate misdirection and very little actual skill.


When I was growing up, magic was synonymous with David Copperfield, the guy who not only got to screw Claudia Schiffer but also was the epitomy of 80’s magic. I remember being dazzled as a young boy watching him walk through the Great Wall Of China. What is more obvious to me now is that Copperfield relied on a heavy arsenal of TV special effects to do anything. The actual illusionist skill involved was at best mediocre, even if Steinmeyer and others had some clever ideas.


That’s why I love David Blaine as a magician (even though he’s a bit of a jerk as a person) because he did to magic shows what Steve Irwin did to wildlife programs: changed the rules and made them fresh and appealing again. Blaine is a skilled prestidigitarian (word of the day calendar…) and performed his tricks right in front of real people. Their reactions made the tricks much more real to us, the audience. And they were actual tricks that anyone could do with enough practice.


Now, enter Criss Angel. He takes the gigantic set-ups of the Copperfield Era and places them inside an environment that looks exactly like David Blaine’s reality. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, right down to the stunned reactions and the bleeps from his stooges. It may look amazing to the untrained eye, but to me it’s just a rather sad mockumentary-style version of a special-effects movie.


The way he bamboozles viewers is new and interesting, but I hope that actual, really talented magicians who don’t feel the need to win cheap approval with such easy trickery will still always find a way on to my TV screen.